Tatjana Schneider
As part of a global exhibition project, the DAZ, together with Storefront for Art and Architecture from New York, has invited Christophe Barlieb of Fieldstations e.V. along with 99 other international architects and city stakeholders to formulate ideas for a sustainable Berlin worth living in and to address them directly to the government.
Art, Anthropocene, Critical View, New Scenarios
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Tatjana Schneider

Fieldstations e.V. | DAZ | TUBerlin
Stammtisch 03.12.2020 18.00
Lidia Gasperoni, Matthias Böttger, Christophe Barlieb

The Fieldstations series We need to talk! is curated and moderated by Lidia Gasperoni, Matthias Böttger and Christophe Barlieb.

Agency. Reflections on architecture and the climate emergency

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Schneider is a critical spatial theorist and educator. She is currently head of the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and the City (GTAS) at the Technical University Braunschweig in Germany.

What would the consequences be for the discipline and field of architecture–as well as other practices engaged in spatial production–if the ever-intensifying climate emergency were to take center stage? What would it mean to move away from techno-ecological solutions that continue to feed dreams of and for continuous (economic) growth? Exploring this field of concerns, the talk will focus on architecture as an expanded set of practices that make „connections with new powers of acting, feeling, imagining, and thinking” (Stengers) to imagine and hint at a future is thought of in wider earth-system terms.

Fieldstations e.V. promotes research about the Anthropocene – exploring how collective research methods, focusing on the agency of emerging phenomena and technologies, can produce new architectural and cultural models.

Featured Image: Fieldstations e.V. – Lidia Gasperoni