Stations are local nodes within the fieldstations e.V. network and are operated by active members of the association.
Field Station, Berlin, Ghent, Basel, Vielitz, Munich
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Stations are local nodes within the fieldstations e.V. network and are operated by active members of the association.

fs berlin 

Field Station Berlin has been operational since 2016 and collaborates with project spaces distributed across the German capital.

Agents : Christophe Barlieb, Lidia Gasperoni, Jose Alcocer, Matthias Böttger, Elisa Limberg, Eva Herr, Sebastian Müllauer, Hauke Helmer, Carsten Fulland, Katharina Barlieb, Bettina Krieg, Isabell Schrickel, Cornelius Meyer, Holger Prang, Matthias Ballestrem, Katharina Beckmann, Thomas Stadler, Philipp Deines, Richard Rabensaat, Lukas Kronawitter, Philipp Reinfeld

fs ghent 

Field Station Ghent aka “Field Station Studio” is situated in Ghent Belgium and is a dependency of KU Leuven’s Sint Lucas School of Architecture. It was founded in 2016 by Corneel Cannaerts and Michiel Helbig.

We need to alter our standard ways of understanding architecture and habitual modes of operation in order for architecture to be relevant in the expanded field. Adopting approaches from other fields of artistic and design practice, media arts, installation, performance, video games and interaction design, might enable us to disrupt disciplinary constraints and extend architectural practices into new domains. We are particularly interested in potential pathways being opened by new models of collaboration, open source, hacking, tinkering… etc. Students are actively encouraged to find their own set of tools media and modes of working, we expect a high quality and personal output.

Agents : Corneel Cannaerts, Michiel Helbig

fs basel 

Field Station Basel will open at the beginning of April 2018 at the FHNW’s HyperWerk (Institute for Postindustrial Design) coordinated by Prof. Matthias Böttger.

Agent : Matthias Böttger

fs vielitz

Field Station Vielitz : Re:fugium V40 is an ongoing project initiated by artist Bettina Krieg addressing art, body and soul. It is located in the German State of Brandenburg.

Agent : Bettina Kreig

fs sicily

Field Station Sicily is an ongoing project initiated by artist Gabriela Volanti in the village of Petralia Sottana in the Palermo region of Sicily.

Agent : Gabriela Volanti


FS Rahmen.Space is an ongoing project initiated by Isabell Schrickel and others navigating the Berlin and Brandenburg waterways with their DIY solar-powered boat/greenhouse.

Agents: Isabell Schrikel and Philipp von hilgers