Media Ecologies Lecture Series
Media Ecologies Lecture Series
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Media Ecologies Lecture Series

In spring of 2024 Fieldstations is organising a lecture series on Media Ecologies, curated by prof. Corneel Cannaerts, Fieldstation Studio Ghent, KU Leuven Faculty of Architcture

Our collective understanding of the multitude of unfolding ecological crises is enabled through contemporary computational technologies and digital media.  The understanding of climate change cannot be untangled from the emergence of technologies such as earth observation, satellite imagery, cloud computing, computation modeling, as well as social media, video, and image-sharing platforms.  Simultaneously digital technologies contribute to the contemporary complexity and crises, not just in content and social interaction they mediate,  but also through the vast hardware infrastructure and energy they consume.  The term media ecology reflects the active role of digital media and communication technologies in constituting environments. The discourse on media ecologies has emancipated from its human-centered origins, to include more-than-human agencies and materialist perspectives. Through recent developments in the fields of media theory, and media archaeology, media ecologies can be described as material formations, in addition to technological and cultural constructions. In this extended understanding, media ecologies operate on time frames ranging from the instant to deep time and span across scales from the microscopic to the planetary.

This lecture series brings together academics and practitioners from architecture, arts, and urban design with an interest in ecological understanding of contemporary media, and computational technologies as a lens for navigating and narrating unfolding ecological crises.


Sy Taffel

22/02/2024 9PM CET

Clement Valla 


Mira Sanders & Cedric Noël


James Melsom


Provides Ng


More info will follow soon!