Fieldexplorer Residencies Review 14 March 5:30 pm (CET)
Fieldexplorer Residency Review 14 March 2024
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Fieldexplorer Residencies Review 14 March 5:30 pm (CET)

On the 14th of March 2024 Fieldstations (Lidia Gasperoni) and Filmexplorer (Giuseppe Di Salvatore) will organize the review of five works (in progress) developed 2022-2024 during the Residency Programme FIELEXPLORER in Berlin by Sam Eadington & Gloria Regonesi, Elin Eyborg, Alexander Johannes Heil, Janis Polar and Georgia Nowak.

Online Event:

Meeting-ID 610 8877 6866
Kenncode 113574


FIELDEXPLORER is a joint initiative between Filmexplorer and Fieldstations, seeking cooperation with local players and international institutions.
Filmexplorer is an international online platform – founded in 2016 in Basel – which is dedicated to art films crossing boundaries between cinema and art, and proposes a contemporary discourse on film aesthetics and film curation. Filmexplorer’s Wedding studio currently hosts a parallel series of residencies on “expanded cinema”.

The central feature of the Fieldexplorer studio in Wedding is a revolving wall. It embodies the exchanges between past and future residents, and it stands as a metaphor for the ethos of the residency:

CROSSING BOUNDARIES between disciplines, such as cinema, art and architecture; between media, such as film, writing and performance
NETWORKING and taking advantage of Berlin as international crossroad
SHARING projects which through their discursive and aesthetic qualities become an occasion for exchange and provocation.